GHS Label Printing Solutions

Thermal Ribbons Australia is the exclusive distributor of the Microplex range of twin head GHS thermal transfer printers, with print widths of 4" (110mm), 6" (152mm) and 8" (205mm).

The LogiJet range is the only GHS solution in Australia that offers independent printhead temperature control and sophisticated web tension control in order to maintain tight registration between the print heads.

The LogiJet TC8 dual head thermal printer is also the only GHS solution available in a 8" configuration in Australia.

The LogiJet TC8

The best selling twin head 8 inch printer for producing GHS labels

Thermal Ribbons Australia offers a full range of GHS certified thermal transfer ribbons, to work with our dual head thermal transfer printer.

Globally Harmonised System (GHS) refers to a single, global system for hazardous and chemical classifications and labelling.

GHS chemical labelling laws effective 1st of January 2017 now stipulate that any chemical or dangerous goods being exported by sea required BS5609 Marine Immersion certification.

Our GHS certified thermal ribbons ensure your clients meet the requirements in accordance with GHS laws and Safe Work Australia

Our TTR ribbons can be used for:

*GHS Corrosive Symbols

*GHS Flammable Symbols
*GHS Toxic Symbols

*GHS Explosive Symbols
*GHS Health Hazard Symbols

*GHS Danger to Environment Symbols

*GHS Oxidising Symbols

Our twin head thermal printers also provide all the GHS pictograms required to ensure ease of use and a smooth transition.

What is a hazard communication?

A hazard is a term referring to potentially dangerous content of chemicals.


A hazard communication is the term which communicates information to the handler about the danger and the required precautions to ensure safe storage, handling and disposal.

GHS Hazardous Chemical List

More information on the correct classification of chemicals and hazardous goods as per the Globally Harmonised System is available from Safe Work Australia.

Safe Work Australia have published a list of correct classification in accordance with the GHS Labelling laws. Click here to view.

The 6 Elements of GHS Label

Globally Harmonised System of Chemical Labelling

GHS Certified Thermal Ribbons

Printing in two colour

The LogiJet TC8 prints in two colour, and is much faster and cheaper per print than inkjet.

BS5609: What does this mean for my labelling?

In accordance with GHS chemical labelling laws, all dangerous or chemical goods being exported by sea now require BS5609 Marine Immersion certification.

The thermal ribbon and paper stock must be certified together to meet GHS requirements.

Thermal Ribbons Australia can assist you with media selection and provide you BS5609 certified thermal ribbons.