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Ricoh B110A* is the best selling thermal transfer ribbon in Australia. It is renowned for its print quality and media applicability, and while other thermal ribbons can come close, none have ever matched it.

Thermal Ribbons Australia is an official converter of Ricoh films, and in addition we offer films from General, Union Chemicar and Fuji Copian, all major Japanese TTR coaters.

From these four Japanese suppliers we are able to provide the user with the best possible solution for any given media or printer requirement.

We also supply China's best wax resin - M40 Red Panda. This ribbon is a beauty that compares extremely well against the Japanese brands at a substantial discount. Try it - we are sure you will like it!

*There are two versions of B110A, but only one is sanctioned by Ricoh for sale in Australia. All official Ricoh B110A is made in Japan and distributed only through Thermal Ribbons Australia and Milford Astor.

B110A is also made in Ricoh's China factory but Ricoh do not sanction its sale in Australia because, although it is a great ribbon in it's own right, it does not quite equal the quality characteristics of the Japanese made film.

Are you getting what you paid for?